School Bus Transportation

A+ MediTrans proudly provides school bus transportation throughout the Capital Region on a contractual basis.

Our school bus services include transportation of pre-school aged children under the age of five that have identified developmental disabilities. Our child passengers require a great level of devotion, care and protection to ensure safe and enjoyable transport to school and back. Children must be safely secured in car seats, booster seats or other required child restraints. Some of our child passengers are transport disabled requiring the use of wheelchairs which we provide via our wheelchair vehicles. Our drivers are school bus qualified and have the proper safety training for vehicle operation and child securement.

Child monitors are also required to ride on school buses in certain circumstances which provide additional safety for the children on board as well as a second set of eyes for the driver. Child monitors ensure proper securement of children in their safety seats, proper loading and unloading of children from the school bus and monitor and control passenger behavior on board to avoid disruptions to driver or injury of children during transport.

Our school bus services are pre-routed and scheduled based on the location of the children and the designated start and end times of the schools. Drivers and monitors are assigned to specific routes ensuring consistency of care for children and parents. This is especially important in the transport and care of children with special needs as it provide a level of comfort and familiarity for the children and their families. Our drivers take great precaution to safely operate school buses on the roads especial when pulling over on the side roads for loading and unloading of children. Schools and parents have the ability to contact our staff on a daily basis in the event that communication in reference to a child or absence is required. Our team of office staff, drivers and monitors work diligently and carefully every day to ensure the careful and safe transportation of our precious cargo.